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PHOENIX, AZ, July 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — American Green, Inc. (ERBB:OTC) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Memorandum of Understanding to form American Green Films, LLC in order to produce commercial motion pictures, the first of which will utilize Nipton as its central location.

David Gwyther, CEO, stated, “American Green intends to maximize the potential uses of Nipton, along with the adjacent Mojave National Preserve, the New York Mountains and the entire Ivanpah Valley to make great films that will add to Nipton’s growing revenue base, further diversifying American Green and increasing shareholder value.”

Mr. Gwyther continued, “To that end, we are creating American Green Films, LLC in cooperation with Vito Trabucco. Vito will spearhead the initial series of films, focusing, at first, on films that can return a profit from relatively low budgets. Mr. Trabucco has successfully produced and directed multiple films that sell well in foreign markets.”

Mr. Trabucco stated, “Nipton, and the surrounding environs provide an ideal backdrop for multiple genres. From western, post-apocalyptic, and horror, to nature and documentary. The Mojave National Preserve provides myriad opportunities for filming along with the motel, trading post, and other facilities in Nipton itself. With Las Vegas less than an hour away, attracting cast and crew will be relatively easy. The video game, Fallout: New Vegas1 utilized both Nipton and nearby Searchlight, Nevada as locations and a general store and motel among other buildings in its fictionalized version of Nipton. We own the real motel, trading post, and scary abandoned buildings featured in the game, and we intend to use them to make the best movies possible.”

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About Vito Trabucco

Vito Trabucco is an independent filmmaker living in the Los Angeles area and has directed thirteen films, television programs and videos specializing in the horror genre.

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American Green, Inc., became, in 2009, one of the first publicly traded technology companies in the cannabis industry. Now, with over 50,000 individual shareholders, more than any other company in the cannabis sector, American Green’s mission is to lead the cannabis industry. Leveraging our team of professionals in cultivation, manufacturing, extraction, wholesale, retail, and community outreach, we strive to develop sustainable initiatives, while increasing shareholder value and company profit.

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