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We empower your business to securely dispense age-restricted products, such as beer, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The potential is endless with our kiosk system!


Military Grade Biometrics

Access to regulated products is controlled though finger vein authentication, creating a biometric signature.

Flexible Payment Options

Cash, coin, credits, and loyalty points; and with optional card readers and scanners (magnetic stripe, IC and RFID cards, QR codes, NFC), the AGM can be configured for a variety of card and cashless payment methods.

High Product Mix & Capacity

Adaptability of machine form-factors provides options enables flexibility in product distribution accounting for (but not confined to) height, width, depth. weight, climate control and regulatory constraints. *Capacity and options vary by base hardware manufacturer.

Interactivity & Product Information

With a stunning, large-screen touch display, the AGM attracts attention, increasing product sales. Product information such as nutritional facts can be displayed in static or video format.

Telemetry & Remote Manageability

Operational status alerts notify you when your machine encounters an error, runs out of stock, etc. Operators can access live inventory levels in each device. Through the VendronCloud service, service and restocking routes can be optimized to maximize efficiency.

Ergonomic & Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly R123a refrigerant and automated feedback temperature control with heat isolation for optimum energy savings.

Digital Signage

Utilizing the rich HD display and by leveraging high-visibility locations, digital signage generates a new source of advertising income for operators. Relevant advertising can be offered based on location and sales history as well as non-specific demographic targeting.

Expandability with the AGM API

Incorporating a flexible application programming interface (API,) available libraries and the necessary resources and tools for customization, the AGM API allows the smart vending solution to be further optimized with new functionality.



This is by no means a vending machine. The American Green Smart Dispenser is a unique Automatic Dispensing System. The American Green Smart System is a age verification system that allows the opportunity of merchandising and selling age restricted products. American Green’s technology interface is one of a kind and does some pretty cool things such as vein verification bio metrics and digital display merchandising as well as offering a wide variety of delivery options. This machine could be used for a wide variety of applications such as Food Service, Alcohol Beverage Sales, Cigarette and E Cigarettes Sales, Over The Counter Medicines, Discreet Sales Of Adult Products, and many more age restriction items. If you are looking for a complete age restriction sales and merchandising system then check out the American Green Vending System.


  • Speakers
  • Camera
  • Payments
  • Touch Screen
  • Keys
  • Bio-metrics
  • Card Reader

We empower your business to securely dispense age-restricted products, such as beer, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The potential is endless with our kiosk system!

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